Worship Ministries

In addition to clergy, a variety of people assist with the worship service before, during, and after the service. All of these people are volunteers and without them we could not conduct our worship services. If interested in any of these positions, please contact the Cathedral Office at (313) 831-5000 and ask to speak to the person in charge of the positions you are interested in. In most cases, this person will not be a staff member – the office staff will take a message and the appropriate person will contact you.


Acolytes share the duties in serving in all Sunday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, choral evensong, feast
days, and other special services of the Cathedral and Diocese. Acolytes assist the service celebrants as torch bearers, crucifers, censers (incense bearers), and banner bearers and they assist at the altar as servers.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild enhances the Cathedral worship services by setting up the altars according to the liturgical season; arranging for flowers; cleaning, changing, and maintaining the liturgical vestments and altar linens, lecterns, chalices, and other liturgical objects.

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild is a group of volunteers responsible for ordering and arranging the flowers to enhance our worship services.


Greeters are the public face of the Cathedral for its many visitors. They are responsible for maintaining a welcoming presence on Sunday mornings before and after services to all newcomers, encouraging them to sign the guest books, take part in the services, and join the Cathedral family for fellowship during the breakfast and coffee hours.

Lay Healing Ministers

The Great Commission of our Lord to the Church is both to preach the Good News and also to heal the sick. At the Cathedral, healing prayer with laying on of hands is offered at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist, for those desiring healing in mind, body, and spirit for themselves and for others. This Sacrament of Healing is offered by both the clergy and by lay healing ministers who have been called, and trained, and commissioned to this important mission of the Cathedral.

Lectors and Lay Readers

Lectors read the lesson and the prayers of the people at services. Lay readers not only read the lessons and epistles at services, but are also licensed to officiate at services other than the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The 7:30 am Sunday service of Morning Prayer, for example, is often entirely led by lay readers.

Lay Eucharistic Minister training.  January 2015

Lay Eucharistic Minister training. January 2015

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic ministers assist the Cathedral’s priests and canons in the handling and distribution of the elements at the celebration of the Lord’s supper.


The Cathedral Church of St. Paul has a long tradition of excellence in music. There are four choirs at the Cathedral which sing the Sunday Holy Eucharist services, choral evensong, and other special services. For more information on the Cathedral’s music programs, please follow visit the music section.

Public Address

The Cathedral’s communications and sound committee is responsible for maintaining the Cathedral’s sound system so that the services may be heard by all. They also record the entire services and sermons from these recordings are put on the Cathedral website.


Ushers lead visitors, newcomers, and long-time parishioners to the pews and through the services at the Cathedral; they also collect and take up the offerings at a given service.


The verger’s responsibility is twofold. First, the verger ensures that everything and everyone – vestments, readings, clergy, readers, acolytes, and all other participants in the liturgy – are present and ready for a service before it begins. Second, the verger ensures that the service runs smoothly while it is happening. Vergers lead the readers and clergy to their appointed places and see to it that the service is carried out according to Anglican tradition, “decently and in order.” In essence, the verger assists the clergy in the conduct of the service.

For a more detailed history of vergers and verging, please consult the web site of the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church: www.vergers.org.

Wedding Consultants

The Cathedral’s wedding consultants meet with prospective engaged couples to inform them of the Cathedral’s policies in holding a wedding, and help them plan their wedding liturgy in accordance with Cathedral practice and tradition.