The Cathedral Organ: A Sermon in Music

The Cathedral Organ: A Sermon In Music
From the Cathedral publication
One Hundred Years: 1824-1924

Music is one of the vital elements in Cathedral worship, and great care should be exercised in securing an organ which is especially adapted to church purposes and not to concert effects. Accordingly, there should be a large number of diapasons, for it is this peculiar quality which is most satisfactory for Cathedral music. Large scales are needed and several registers with heavy wind pressure. Fortunately, the electric pneumatic action is well developed and trustworthy, so that the communication from the keys to the wind chest, which is electrically operated, may be instantaneous, uniform and dependable under all circumstances. A Church Organ is a most complicated and delicate mechanism, with its thousands of pipes of wood and  metal, its many stops  and adjustments, its  electric motor , dynamo of pipes of wood and and blower.

The Cathedral Organ was constructed by the Austin Organ Company, of Hartford,
Connecticut and is one of the finest productions of that firm. At present it consists of the Chancel equipment and the Console, which is furnished with the   necessary mechanism to carry both Chancel and Gallery Organs. To complete the entire plant, the Gallery Organ should be installed. The instrument is fully adequate to the large proportions of the Cathedral, capable of filling it to the utmost when desired, while at the same time the softest and most delicate tones may be heard in the most remote corners.

The organ is the gift of the junior Warden, Mr. William Tefft Barbour, dedicated on Sunday, April 24th 1921, in memory of his mother, Ella Tefft Barbour, and as such is a beautiful memorial to one whose life and works in the Church were a song of praise and of sweet harmonies.

Summary of Four Manual Organ

Pedal Organ, 10 Stops.
Swell Organ, 13 Stops.

Great Organ, 9 Stops.
Choir Organ, 11  Stops.

Each Stop has 73 Pipes.

Combination Pistons, 19
General Pistons, 7
Adjustable Combination Pistons, 3.
Couplers, Sub and Super, 56.

Each Pedal Stop has 32 Pipes.

Total Stops, Chancel Section, 131
Total Pipes in Chancel Section, 2,729