That Your Joy May Be Complete

“That your joy may be complete”  John 15:11

Stewardship 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In St. John’s gospel, Jesus, speaking to his followers, wants most of all for his joy to be in them that their joy may be complete. He bids his disciples, his followers, peace. Then he assures them that they are loved and invites them to abide in that love so that his joy may be in them that their joy may be complete.

We do not have to look very hard for the worldly challenges that crowd in on each of us, and that can, if we allow it, try to steal away the joy that God intends for us. This joy is the kind of joy that meets the challenges of the world and overcomes them day by day in miraculous ways. God’s joy lifts us, enfolds us, and carries us through the changes and chances of our daily journey. When we do not have enough of something, there is always enough, and more, of God’s love, our source of true joy. The completeness of that joy is fulfilled when we respond to Jesus’ love in all the parts of our life with love. Generosity in sharing and giving what we have is a very real part of a full response to Christ’s love and the completeness of our joy.

It is impossible to take a full measure of God’s love and the blessing in our lives. Still, reflecting on them and celebrating them is important! Why? The celebration of joy minimizes the weight of challenges.

Completing our joy, invites our participation with our hearts, our time, our talents and our treasure. We cannot choose one of these things and ignore the others. Please consider all of the ways in which God has dealt generously with you. To respond with gifts from all of them is to take great steps toward knowing the complete joy that Jesus want for each of us.

Enclosed you will find a 2012 Pledge Card. Please fill it out completely and present it at the appropriate time during the service on Sunday, November 20. You can also go to the Cathedral website ( and to download and complete a pledge card. Our goal is 100% commitment. Please join us in making that a reality.

Dean Hunter and Your Stewardship Committee