Purchase Letter for Woodward and Warren

From a letter dated Detroit, June 27, 1892

To the Rector, Wardens & Vestry of St. Paul’s Church

Detroit, Michigan

Gentlemen:- Having purchased since the last vestry meeting, the north east corner of Woodward & Hancock Avenues., having 177 feet frontage on Woodward and 250 feet on Hancock Ave., and deeming it the most desirable property in the city , for a church, I hearby offer to you, on the following terms. I will sell it to the corporation of St. Paul’s Church for $58,100 (its exact cost to me) on Land Contract, said Contract to carry 5% Semi-annual interest until paid for, provided you will vote to move and erect a new St. Paul’s Church, on said lot, and will spend on the new church (tower not included), the entire proceeds of the sale of the old church and lot, and as soon as you shall erect a Parish Building, and a Chapel on the premises, to cost not less than $35,000. I will endorse as a gift towards the payment of said contract as of July 1st, 1892, the sum of $25,000, provided said buildings are erected by September 1st 1893. I deem this property the most desirable for a grand church in Detroit. Its location will give the new St. Paul’s Church a commanding position amongst the many churches in Detroit, attracting to us, new families, now seeking a connection with a prosperous Parish, and giving us and opportunity to continue the great mission work, so successfully begun, in our old church.

Yours Truly,
Theo. H. Eaton

Theodore H. Eaton is pictured turning the first spade at the ground breaking on
June 22, 1908.

The Congress Street church was picked up and moved to East Grand Blvd and is now Church of the Messiah. The proceeds from the sale of the downtown lot were $39,106.02

Woodward Avenue – Named for Judge Augustus Brevoort Woodward, Woodward Avenue had its humble beginnings as a Native American hunting/travelling path.

Hancock Avenue E-W – Hancock is a very common street name, probably referring to John Hancock.