Pastoral Care

Lay Healing Ministers

The Great Commission of our Lord to the Church is both to preach the Good News and also to heal the sick. At the Cathedral, healing prayer with laying on of hands is offered at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist, for those desiring healing in mind, body, and spirit for themselves and for others. This ministry is offered by both the clergy and by lay healing ministers who have been called, and trained, and commissioned to this important mission of the Cathedral.


Clergy, lay healing ministers, and lay eucharistic ministers are all involved in the visitation and pastoral care of those who need healing in mind, body, and spirit. Parishioners are asked to keep the Cathedral Office updated on those who have been admitted to metropolitan hospitals and other care centers so that clergy and volunteers can arrange visiting and taking the Holy Eucharist to those who request it.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors are well trained lay parishioners who, once licensed, are able to take communion to homebound parishioners.

Training for this ministry at the Cathedral involves two 3 hour sessions with the Dean, the lay leader of the group, and the deacon. Learning includes work on one’s approach to offering communion to another, building relationships with those being visited, and listening skills. Following the first session, each person makes at least two supervised visits with one of the three persons mentioned earlier. At the second training session, considerable reflection is done on the visit experiences. In addition, Eucharistic Visitors must have completed Safeguarding Gods People through the Whitaker Institute. Commissioning of the Eucharistic Visitors is done during Sunday Services.

If you feel called to this ministry, please contact the Dean at (313) 831-5000.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is a group of parishioners and clergy who join together in prayer for those in immediate need. If you know someone who needs the immediate power of prayer in his or her life, please contact the church office, which will in turn set the prayer chain in motion.

Alcoholics Anonymous

An Alcoholics Anonymous chapter meets at the Cathedral Wednesday evenings at 6 pm.