"Ministry" takes all sort of shapes and sizes at the Cathedral - it is the work of all the baptized.  There are formal and informal ministries. There are ministries of service and activity along with ministries of contemplation and stillness.  Through the connections below we invite your to discover some of the many ministries of the Cathedral Community. As you do, though, please know that if you have an inspiration or an idea, share it with the clergy or lay leaders. We cannot do everything, in fact we are not called to do everything, but perhaps you are the vessel that the Holy Spirit is using to invite us into something new or different.

Worship Ministries

In addition to clergy, a variety of people assist with the worship service before, during, and after the service. All of these people are volunteers and without them we could not conduct our worship services. If interested in any of these positions,Read more

Pastoral Care

Lay Healing Ministers The Great Commission of our Lord to the Church is both to preach the Good News and also to heal the sick. At the Cathedral, healing prayer with laying on of hands is offered at every celebration of theRead more

Outreach and Evangelism

The Fellowship Breakfast The Fellowship Breakfast is an outreach ministry centered on the 8:15 a.m. Sunday service at the Cathedral. This ministry seeks to recognize the economically diverse neighborhood that the Cathedral serves, sharing the Good News with all people. Following theRead more