Cathedral Joy – An Update and Invitation

Dear Cathedral Family,

I write to tell you of some particular joys in the journey of the Cathedral. Two of them are financial events, one of them is an opportunity to share in the joy of the mission and ministry of the Cathedral for 2012, and the final one is a chance to make a Centennial Gift to future generations of the Cathedral (from which we will benefit too).
  • Two important financial events – First, we were able to refinance the debt on the Waller Health Center building in a way the provides a better than market interest rate and will retire the debt completely in twelve years. This financing will benefit both the Cathedral and the Cathedral Foundation, and both the Vestry and the Foundation Trustees are to be congratulated on coming to a mutually beneficial solution. Second, we have closed on the sale of the property formerly occupied by Crossroads, and in a way that retires the debt on that property and fulfills other obligations tied to its sale.
  • That your joy may be complete – Jesus desired that his joy be in us that our joy may be complete. One of the ways we respond to the joy of life in Christ is by celebrating and sharing our blessings. An important way we do that is by supporting the mission and ministry of the Cathedral. While the tithing is the norm in the Episcopal Church, it all really begins with joyful giving hearts. You will find enclosed in this mailing the Stewardship Committee’s letter to the Cathedral community along with a pledge card. Your participation and response are important. Your gift of tithes and offerings makes a difference; it makes things happen! In-gathering Sunday will be November 20th, but you may return the card by mail or in the offering plate at any time.
  • A Gift for the Next Generations: Cooling the Cathedral – One hundred years ago this year our predecessors in the faith dedicated this Cathedral to the glory of God and the spiritual growth of their generation and generations to come. The cathedral itself was their gift to us and to succeeding generations. The Vestry and I have been exploring a way to make a gift to mark the centennial of the Cathedral’s dedication that would benefit (current and) future generations. From an evangelism standpoint, the gift of air conditioning the cathedral is a great undertaking because we know through many studies that those seeking a spiritual home will not sit through hot services when there are cool services offered with equal or greater ease. So you are invited to make a gift to the next generations, and enjoy its benefits as well. The goal is to raise $30,000 by the Annual Meeting on January 29, 2012. We are pleased to tell you that as of today we have gifts totaling $15,000 toward that goal. Your gift of any size is welcome. It can be in this tax year (2011), the next tax year (2012), or both – whatever works best for you. Please see the enclosed insert and act soon so you can be a part of thanking our forebearers and gifting our future Cathedral family.
Our Wardens, Vestry and I hope you will celebrate with us in word and in action the good news of the Cathedral’s increasing operational and missional health, and in financial support of the work that God continues to call us to be and to become.
God’s grace, peace and joy be with you,
Our Vision is to be an extraordinary spiritual gathering place where people of all backgrounds and ages are welcome to question and learn, pray, worship and serve; being loved by God in ways that change and improve their lives and the lives of others.