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The Cathedral Choir School of Metropolitan Detroit is committed to providing the finest musical education in the context of the liturgical life of the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. Paul, and to nurture the best examples of citizenship. The Choir School is a community that, while focused on music, is a systematic, long-term investment in young people. Children emerge from this experience with a deep love of fine arts, enhanced self-confidence, and an ability to work collaboratively. In a time when the fine arts are not a high priority in most schools, the Cathedral continues to be fully committed to providing children with an opportunity for musical growth. The program is tuition-free.

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  • Our choristers are not merely taught how to sing – they gain a solid basic music education through the art of choral music.
  • The Choir School is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America. RSCMA curriculum is structured as a system of goals, which encourage choristers to develop their musical skills.
  • Choristers rehearse twice a week.
  • Choristers sing two morning services and one afternoon service every month, in addition to special services, concerts, and tours.


Spring audition dates will be announced shortly.

To learn more, call (313-833-7547) or email (

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