Christmas 2014 – A Christmas Word & Invitation

It strikes me that many of us are feeling particularly vulnerable this year. I only have to mention Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine, and some of our own neighborhoods, and feelings we always wish were distant become very near.  At times we lash out, sometimes verbally and sometimes in ways physical. Occasionally it is constructive, but often it is destructive.  We lash out because, well, that seems to be all we can do. It doesn’t help, really, but it’s not “nothing.”

Into a dangerous and difficult world, God chose to come among us in the most vulnerable of forms – a human infant. Unlike very many other just-born creatures, this one is unable to stand, or walk, or propel itself in any way.  It cannot talk (communicate) or feed itself, or offer any particular defenses like camouflage feathers or fur.

It might seem like nothing, but far from it. It is something. Real. Incarnate. Emmanuel. God with us.  St. John says, “full of grace and truth.” Our world could use some grace and truth right now. I imagine you could use some, too.  I know I could.

Come, let this be your invitation, to Christmas at the Cathedral. Come to find a bit of grace; a bit of truth. Come find that God did come, has come, and is coming to be with us, understanding our vulnerabilities, fears, and struggles, in every way. Come to love us, no exceptions. Come to call us away from fear and judgment. To offer us life, and to offer us hope. Come and join the Cathedral Community as we seek and celebrate – join the strong women, the faithful men, the field laborers, the city folk, the heads of state, the dreamers, and the Heavenly Hosts. Heaven has come down to earth, that earth may be raised to heaven. That’s not nothing, its the Christ Mass. And you are welcome at it.

Christmas blessings and peace,